There are many reasons a man may be unable to get a woman pregnant. These Can be due to

  1.  Problem with production of sperm
  2. Problem with delivery of sperm


The saying ‘You are what you eat’ is true even in the production of sperms. Obesity is increasing in both men and women in our environment. 

This is majorly due to what we eat. People are becoming western in every way including food. We eat more junk food, live sedentary lifestyles and we get fatter.

Obese men have problems with both quantity and quality of sperms. It also affects the quality of liquid medium(semen), the sperm swims in. 

Fat in the thighs and tummy increases temperature around the scrotum. Sperm production requires a particular temperature range. Increase in this temperature will affect production. 

Obesity also reduces testosterone level. Testosterone is a hormone that is very important in sperm production.


Inhaling of cigarette smokes and smoking affects both the quality and quantity of sperms. 

The effect of smoke does not only affect the smoker, it affects those around him inhaling the cigarette smokes. 

Cigarettes contain some toxic substances which affect the DNA of sperms, making them abnormal. 

It also suppresses the ability to produce an adequate number of sperm, making getting pregnant more difficult for the couple. .

Cigarette smoking also affects the ability of the man to achieve and maintain erection, making ejaculation almost impossible.


Heavy alcohol intake affects testosterone level, which is very important in production of sperm. So, heavy alcohol intakes affect both quality and quantity of sperm. 

Other issues affected by heavy alcohol intake in men include; lack of desire for sex, difficulty with achieving and maintaining erection and ejaculation problems. These are all very important factors before pregnancy can be achieved.


Viral, bacteria.

Some viral infections like mumps affecting the testis can damage it and affect sperm quantity and quality.

Others like sexually transmitted infections( gonorrhea, chlamydia etc), can lead to blockade of the passage conveying the sperm and seminal fluids.

5)Other causes include medical conditions like Hypertension, diabetes, heart problems etc. This will affect transport of semen by affecting sexual intercourse because most of these illness affects libido or even stamina for sex.

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