Losing weight following delivery can be sometimes very difficult and stressful. Sometimes it seems impossible. But there are natural ways to make it work. These include:

1)Give your body time – Took about 9months to get to this weight and it will take a while to lose it. Do not be in a hurry to lose weight.

2)It is best to wait till 6-12 weeks after delivery to start the process. Most healing from pregnancy and delivery takes place within this period while others continue over time. But the body can start weight loss after 6weeks

3)Don’t aim to lose weight rapidly especially when breastfeeding. Rapid weight loss affect milk production and flow, thereby reducing both. About 0.5kg per week is good.

4)Do not skip meal – Skipping meals will make you feel tired more and not really lose the weight. It will make your body tired and tend to eat more eventually, making weight loss difficult.

5)Eat healthy food in small quantities per times and increase the frequency. Supplement with vegetables and fruits. Eating in small quantities frequently about 4-6x per day will reduce over eating and improves weight loss.

6)Avoid sugary drinks e.g soda, juices, artificial sweeteners. Go for natural juices, take more water. Refined sugars tend to increase the calories you get each time you take it and affects weight loss

7)Moderate Exercise – Losing weight should not be a crash course. It should be in moderation Start gradually. Slow and steady wins the race.

8)Don’t go for special diet to lose weight. You will likely gain it back once you resume your regular diet. Start with your normal diet and work your way through the weight loss program.

In conclusion, always know that every process takes time. Give yourself time to heal and lose weight and you will eventually get there

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